Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A story about nothing

I was asking them when was last time they was watching a movie, or maybe spent some time with a gilrfriend, they laugh. I was there, i see everything and i still not believe. But let's see how our story begin..
We have some city, with a few thousands citizens population, where nothing could be the same. There was some who left his towns and work in Eangland or Spain. The unlucky ones, live in extreme poverty.
We have 6 boys and 2 girls. They don't want to know about school. They are happy to play all day long. And they make money with that. A modern form of slavery. A virtual life for make real money . They are PRO gamers in World of Warcraft.
Let's make a simple demonstration. They spent 12 hours per day , between 8 and 20, playing WOW. In this time they make above 80 virtual gold. 2400 gold per month. 1000 gold is sell with almost 83 euro. That means 200 euro for a month. Half of that money is taken by the "boss", who have the computers and internet line. They have 100 euro remaining for eat and smoke.
But they have dreams too. Surdu's dream is to became a "boss" too. "When i make enough money, i will buy 8-10 computers and i hire good gamers to play for me." This is a far target for him. But from this dream he take the power to continue. Tomorow....And in the day after tomorow...

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